It’s looking like I’ve got a busy summer ahead of me, one full of different projects that I will be taking on in the absence of my schooling. My opportunities as a media producer are going to continue to grow, and I have hopes that my skill in the area will as well. I’m going to gain more experience in portrait photography, particularly amongst the high school senior market; one area in particular that I am continually growing more, and more comfortable in.


I also have plans to make a promotional video for River of Life Bible Camp that they will be able to use in preparation of the 2016 camp season.  I might even get the chance to update their Facebook page and website. Alongside my own projects, I hope to post all my work here for all to see.

With the recent announcement of the DJI Phantom 3, I also have the intent purchase and use one for aerial photography/videography in my future projects, it would literally bring my opportunities to a whole new level!phantompro-2f8970c7692d9c5002eea8aad90e3a66

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